I have written two books that show you how to design more successful websites.

Save the Pixel The Art of Simple Web Design

Save the Pixel

Save the Pixel” was published as an e-book in January 2008, and has sold well over 8000 copies.

It demonstrates why simple web design works, using 22 home page redesign worked examples and gives you a full toolkit of simple design techniques that work!

This book is the handbook for thousands of designers all around the world.

More about “Save the Pixel”

Convert! Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion


“Convert!” was the product of two years of intensive research and was published by Wiley in January 2011. Check out my Amazon page.

I originally set out to prove which design factors would deliver the greatest positive impact on conversion.

What I discovered changed the whole direction of my career! Design does matter, but not in the way youd think.

This is the culmination of countless conversion tests across possibly dozens of different websites. I discovered the essential elements of marketing, selling, and generating action, and developed them into a simple, powerful method for crafting web sites that sell.

How to be #1 (Your Complete Handbook to Niche Domination)

How to be #1“How to be #1 is my comprehensive handbook for making money by identifying and dominating your perfect market niche.

The book delivers exactly what it says: A complete step-by-step guide to targeting, occupying, and finally monetizing your niche.

Here are just a few of the comments it has received:

  • Great ideas and information! I really love your work.
  • Gives a lot of valuable information that would be very beneficial to those looking to build a niche market. Great job!
  • I do think its fucking amazing. Really awesome! A true money-maker.

Get How to be #1 here

2 Responses to Books

  1. Paul says:

    I brought Save the Pixel, like it a lot. Are you going to have a course for Conversion Rate Optimization? I like to see live action how its being done and Why you changing the Landing pages/Websites? I really want to learn on how to make a landing page/website to CONVERT

    • bgh says:

      Hi Paul. Thanks for your kind words.

      Theres a lot about conversion in the Pro Web Design Course. My new Ultimate Web Design program is very much about that. Also read Convert! if you havent read that yet. Make sure youre on my mailing list (sign up at WDFS) to keep updated.

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