I have been running my Pro Web Design Course since November 2010.

It is not hard to make a web site today but very few people know how to make a web site that really works!

Most web designers and web site owners simply dont know the critical skills for making web sites succeed

How to drive traffic. How to engage visitors with a compelling proposition. And then convert them into customers.

I have been researching, testing, and perfecting these techniques for 2 years.

Now I have put all that knowledge into this 6-month online course, so that you can learn real pro skills.

  • Everything you need to design, build and publish high-quality web sites
  • Hours of exclusive training from me every month, through video screencasts
  • Take the course wherever you are, in your own time, and at your own pace

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PWDA Member Sites

Check out the quality of our members sites. Some of these guys have only been designing websites for a few months!

What people say about Ben…

  • “Its an absolute joy to go through the goldmine of material that Ben modestly calls a course. There is probably no course like this in the world. Im currently in month 3 and web marketing have never felt more logical and obvious. My clients now know why they fail and I can now help them to make more money which is what my business is all about. This course is worth every penny, and makes you into a pro web marketer in no time.”

    Fredrik LangeFredrik Lange
    Pro Web Design Course student, Sweden

2 Responses to Course

  1. What will be the total cost of the course? SA Currency

    • bgh says:

      Hi Marius. It depends for how long youre subscribed. Most students stay on as part of the community, as Im constantly adding new material, and we have an excellent forum. So Id budget for about 866 rand per month, but expect to get FAR more back in added value.

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