About Ben

The world’s #1 nerd on how to design websites that work

It is impossible to estimate how many websites Ben Hunt has made more effective, through his articles (which have been read by millions), his books, or the hundreds of designers he has trained.

One of the most influential figures in web design, Ben has been a web professional, entrepreneur, and consultant since 1994.

Ben is a highly respected thinker with expertise in disciplines spanning direct marketing, SEO, content marketing, conversion rate optimisation, and usability.

He has written two extremely successful  books. Incredibly, his first ebook, “Save the Pixel” has sold almost 10,000 copies direct to website owners and designers.

Ben’s second major title, “Convert!“, published by Wiley in 2011, is one of the top-rated online marketing books on Amazon. (Quote: doubled business, bible.)

In 2010, Ben launched his Pro Web Design Course, which goes beyond just teaching design, addressing everything a designer needs to build successful websites – and a successful business! (Here are some of the most recent testimonials about the course.)

Ben has a curious and restless personality, which has led him to create a range of solutions, including a content management system and SEO tools.

Ben is an international speaker, who has been invited to present at conferences including Ken McCarthy’s System Seminar, Drayton Bird’s EADIM, and Conversion Conference.

His latest ebook, “How To Be #1” a practical guide to dominating niche markets, was released in July 2012.