Create Your Perfect Job (Limited Opportunity)

How would you like to create your own dream job?

One where you get paid to do what you love? Where you get to work the hours you want, where you want?

I’m going to try something I have never done before. I don’t know if anyone has tried this before.

I’m writing a book – an ebook – all about how to dominate a niche.

And you can help me.

The central idea is that we live in a big world, full of different people who have particular needs. It has also gotten much easier to find stuff to buy, stuff to inform us, stuff to believe in. At the same time, it’s a much noisier world, and we have many times more messages to filter through.

Still – some things never change. We still need help to know what to trust. With more choices, we need people and brands we can put our faith in.

And there’s money in that – if you know what to do…

I believe that anyone who has an area which:

  • you love
  • you have some expertise in
  • and which people would pay to know about

… can create a niche, a precise segment of the market, and dominate it! There is so much great technology around today that makes it easy.

I know this because I’ve done it.

In 12 months, I created a new stream of activity that now covers all the costs of my business. Actually, you could say it happened in one day – but that’s another story.

Of course, I made plenty of mistakes along the way too! Some big ones. And I learned from them.

I also have several friends and clients who’ve done similar things.

  • Like Ian, who gets paid to play poker online.
  • Or Tim, who writes about his vacations – for a living.
  • Or Steve, who combined his passion for golf into his professional life, created a niche, and now gets paid to consult to the golf industry.

I have already started my new book, but I would like to try an unusual experiment.

— I would like to write it with YOU —

You see, ebooks are very different to old “dead tree” books.. I can publish a new edition every day. That means that a book can evolve and grow over time.

So I thought, instead of just writing this stuff in a book, why not work through the material with real people? Why not have a group of folks who are ready for a change, and who’d jump at the opportunity to create their own niche and implement my strategies so that they can create their own job?

Does that sound exciting to you? If not, thank you for reading this far.

If so… well… here’s what I’d like to propose.

I will bring you into my process. We’ll set up a weekly coaching video call (or webinar), where I’ll take you through the next step of the process, listen to your challenges, and help you to solve them.

As we work through it together, it will help me to refine my process, and make a better product.

I’ll also invite some of my friends and contacts who’ve found and dominated their own niche to share how they did it with you.

The best part is, as part of my development group, you get a head start on everyone else!

I’ll share the drafts of the book with you, and I’ll send you a free update on any new edition I bring out – for ever.

The book will go on sale for $27.

Update: Actually, the price will now be $197 – because of the sheer amount of value I have crammed into this book!

If you would like the inside track, including preview copies, weekly seminars and coaching, interviews with people who’ve already done this successfully, and free updates for life…

You can get all that for just $97.

But, I can only make this available to the first few people. If you know this is right for you right now, you need to follow this link – right now!

I have to limit places to just 25, so that I can give each group member the input you need, so be quick!

Once you’ve signed up, I’ll email you directly with details.

Best wishes,