How to bet correctly in roulette

Roulette is a rather well-known game. Probably that is why no casino can do without this game. Pure excitement, easy to learn rules and high probability to win have made roulette popular for a long time. All that is required from the player is to choose a sector, put chips on it and wait until luck smiles. Roulette bets are placed while the wheel is spinning. When the wheel stops a couple of revolutions, bets are no longer accepted. The player does not have much time to make a bet, so many bet on a single number. There are two types of bets: internal and external. The first are committed to the numbers. External in turn on the color, dozen or parity. If you are looking for reviews of platinum play flash casino or other sites, you should visit

What you need to know about inside bets

Since a player can only bet on certain sectors, this type of bet is a kind of risk. In most cases, such bets are doomed to lose, but in the case of winning, the player takes a solid amount. Some gamblers are very fond of direct bets. Their essence is that the player puts on the selected number. Taking into account the undeniable fact that the roulette has 37 sectors, you can understand that the probability of winning is not so great. Therefore, direct bets are suitable only for risky players who want to win a lot and in a short time.

If you are not of this category of players and you do not like to part with your money so easily, then another type of bets will suit you. For example, a double bet, the essence of which is the choice of two neighboring numbers on the roulette wheel. Chips in this case are placed on the field between these numbers. There is also a corner bet. The player should close the chips 4 numbers in the neighborhood. Chips should lie in the center at the junction of these numbers. However, there is a type of bet where the probability of winning is even greater. This is a bet on six numbers. And as you can understand from the name, in this form, the player chips close six numbers. The player must place chips on two adjacent columns. It is possible to bet on the so-called “main line”, which is responsible for sectors from 0 to 3.

The subtleties of outside bets

This type of bets is designed for conservative players. They bring though a small, but more stable winnings. The players’ choice in most cases falls on the bets of the numbers from one column. In such cases, the probability of winning is high, because the chips cover 12 numbers at once. In addition to numbers, a player can bet on sectors, colors, even numbers and vice versa. In some casinos, a player can bet on the first or last 18 numbers of the wheel. Obviously, all this increases the players’ chances of winning.

When a zero is out, bets remain the same and do not change until the next spin of the wheel. The bets disappear if zero rolls again. In case of a win the bets are returned. All this is inherent only in the European type of roulette. This type reduces the benefits of the casino to 1.3%. But in the American type of roulette in case of zero-out the bets will be halved. This also applies when zero falls out 2 times in a row. The advantage of the casino thus decreases to 2.7%.

When playing virtual roulette you are free to choose any kind of roulette table. Online roulette will allow you to hone your gambling skills and find a successful game system. Keep a constant eye on your bankroll, it will lead you to success. Pro players often stop at double or corner bets. Have your inside bets not been successful for you? Do you want to win back the money you lost? It’s possible if you move on to outside betting. You should also choose carefully the online casino to play. You can find reviews of gaming club casino canada and other casinos at