Why I’m Closing My Doors

This announcement has been a long time coming

I have been building great websites and consulting for clients for 18 years, but from today, I’m closing my doors.

That means that I will be out of the agency market. You will not be able to hire me to build a website, do your SEO, or any of the related services I have been offering.


Well, there are a few reasons…


I believe the market has changed fundamentally over the past few years. I shared my new perspective at Conversion Conference in Chicago last week.

In brief, I believe Google is winning the war on search integrity. SEO, as we have known it, will decline. It will be replaced by an emerging combined discipline called Content Marketing. My recent research has revealed a massive opportunity for forward-thinking businesses who have the guts to challenge the status quo.


While my team and I can build incredibly effective marketing sites in our sleep, that is not what we should be doing.

I lead a group of Jedi web warriors, and we should be really pushing the boundaries of marketing excellence. So we’re coming out of the new website business. We’re going to focus on something quite different, and we’re going to make a lot of money for just a few businesses.

The Future

From this point, my team and I will be off the market.

We are going to work with a small group of hand-picked B2B clients.

Instead of delivering a website and moving on, we’re going to explore how far we can help grow our clients’ profits using this new knowledge.

I have put together an online marketing Dream Team, hand-trained by me over the past couple of years, who I believe possess the insight and the skill to transform the success of any online marketing.

Of course, I will continue to write books and blog posts and I’ll share some of our discoveries. But you won’t be able to ask me to work on your site, because most of my time will be devoted to this small group of regular clients.

How You Can Find Out More & Get Involved

I ran one final webinar on Tuesday July 10th, 2012.

In this webinar, I set out my insights into the world of marketing, search, traffic, and conversion. I revealed the new model I have developed for multiplying profits online.

And I proved why all businesses should be using my content marketing methods to beat the competition.

Now, if you had attended the Conversion Conference event, you could have heard most of these insights. But that would have cost you at least $1795.

I can’t give out this information for free, and I only wanted businesses who are serious about the future of their marketing ROI to attend this final webinar, so I put a ticket price of $125 on the session.

If you believe this is for you… if you’re ready to take your marketing and sales to the next level, you can still purchase a recording of the webinar (1 hour 24 minutes).