Why This is the LAST EVER Sale of Pro Web Design Course

I posted a week ago with details of my mad 50% off everything sale to celebrate our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

I’ve had a good response, and the sale is now CLOSED.

But here’s the bad news…

I just finished one of the most significant business books I’ve ever read. It was the snappily titled “No B.S. Price Strategy: The Ultimate No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners Guide to Profits, Power, and Prosperity” by Dan Kennedy.

And I’ve realised that I have been doing nearly everything wrong. Let me explain…

My Confession

My core business is to sell my Pro Web Design Course – the most comprehensive, most useful, generous, practical course in becoming a professional web designer that there is anywhere, period.

At the beginning, this course cost over $2000. Since then, I have played with discounts and sales. Bad idea. Sure, I got some extra cashflow from time to time, but long-term what was I really doing?

I now get that I have been devaluing my beloved course. I have been training my fans and followers that THE Pro Web Design Course is a commodity. Because by cutting prices by half at a whim, I’m saying the real value of the course is (probably at most) half the advertised price.

That’s not true. It is a long way from the facts. The truth is that the course is worth many times more than what it costs anyone.

I have been speaking to students today who were part of that initial Foundation Group, and they have already made money from taking the course – they’re well in profit! We’re working on a series projects – together – which are fun and profitable.

Even the “SEO from Scratch” content, which now comes included with the course, can let you earn real money from real clients in a matter of weeks! A few of my students already did several keyword research projects using the exact methods I give you in “SEO from Scratch” – for $299 each!

Another thing that came home to me is the influence that pricing can have on your market position. The price you give something is an expression of the value you place on it, and the value you expect others to place on it too. If you value something cheap, you address a different point in the market than when you price higher. I’ve been pricing too low.

When I priced the course over $2000, and offered a limited number of 20 places, they sold out within a week! These days, it’s actually harder to sell the course at $97 per month. Go figure.

I only just added a new Secret to my “50 (ish) Web Design Secrets” series on this very subject (the title is “What Kind of Whore are You?”). And interestingly, everything I read this week seems to be pointing to the same lesson. It’s funny how life does that.

So here’s what I’m going to do…

No more sales.
No more discounts.

That’s right. I’ve learned the error of my ways. That was the last sale of the Pro Web Design Course –EVER.

I’m also considering putting the base price up (currently $97 per month) and including regular group coaching calls. The reason is simple. I want the course to appeal to people who are really determined  to make it in web design, marketing, or even SEO.

I don’t enjoy it when folks get the course cheap and then don’t bother to engage, because they just don’t value the course.

That’s no fun for me, but I know I love  working with students who are driven to get a new career. And it’s hugely satisfying to see them reach their dream, as has happened many times.

So please accept my sincere apology for misrepresenting this fantastic, original, only-one-of-its-kind product.