Ill Help You Make Your Website Sell

Its my job to show you how to make your websites work better

Ben HuntI have designed websites for over 15 years.

I have worked for tiny clients, big corporations, and government. I have had plenty of success, made plenty of mistakes, and learned a lot every single day.

I have written three books that show you how to design web sites that work and make money online, trained hundreds of web designers, and presented at a bunch of seminars around the world.

Today, I am dedicated to showing people who make websites how to do it better so that your websites get results!

There is no point designing a website just to look good. Your site should get you business! And to do that it has to do two things:

  • Attract plenty of the right visitors
  • Engage them and get them to take action

Its hard to work on your own website, the web is still in its teenage years, and frankly there is very little education on how to build websites the right way.

In 2008, I made a commitment to finding out exactly what makes websites work. I spent two years researching and running dozens and dozens of tests. The result is my book “Convert!”.

The vast majority of websites I see could get many times more business, often with simple fixes to simple mistakes.

I would love to share what I know with you, and help you achieve more success. Check out my web design blog (thankfully back up after a 123reg disaster), books, course, consulting and training and please get in touch to let me know what I can do for you.

How to Boost Your Web Sites Success

If you own web sites, or you make them for other people, I can show you how to make them far more successful.

My Pro Web Design Course will give you all the essential skills for making web sites that sell. (Free example)

Praise for the book “Convert!”

“Convert!” is the ground-breaking guide to creating web sites that attract and convert customers with ease.

If your business depends on web success, this book gives you the tools you need. See reviews on Amazon »

Want Me to Work on Your Web Site?

I can help transform the amount of business your web site generates, even with just an hours consulting.

Contact us to ask about off-site or on-site consulting and training for your company or organisation.

What people say about Ben…

  • “One of the rarest creatures in the advertising jungle: An inspired designer who has the humility to test his designs in the marketplace before declaring victory.”


    Ken McCarthyKen McCarthy
    Founder, System Seminar

2 Responses to Ill Help You Make Your Website Sell

  1. Legan Ng says:

    Hi, Im looking for someone to guide me through the potential in earning via weblinks from my page/site?
    Please could you let me know?


  2. lydia says:

    Hey Ben! I subscribe to your web design secrets and they are awesome! special thumbs up to secret #20 stop being clever Its true that simplicity is really the best way to go in life and design. Thanks for all your help.

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